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Online Mystery Shopper Jobs from Home, UK

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Get paid to pose as a customer for famous brands, from the comfort of your own home. Mystery shopping online is a great opportunity to earn some extra income, with flexible hours and interesting projects.


You can register to become a mystery shopper in just a few minutes. Take the first step now and get earning online.


How does online mystery shopping work?

Traditional mystery shopping involves pretending to be a customer ordering food, buying items in a shop or carrying out some other activity in person. But as our habits have shifted heavily towards online shopping, companies are placing more and more emphasis on understanding the online customer experience – and measuring the service provided online.


They put great time and effort into perfecting that experience, so they need to know it’s going as expected and every customer gets the same great service. They need a mystery shopper like you to gain that vital insight.


You could be making an online enquiry, placing an order using an app or simply looking for more information about a particular product. Whatever task you’re charged with, the brand will ask you to make notes on how it goes and answer specific questions. The answers you give will tell them where they need to improve and how the online experience could be smoother for their customers.


What do I need to become an online mystery shopper?

You don’t need any qualifications or previous experience to become an online secret shopper. The only real requirements are a good understanding of English, basic digital skills and a smartphone.


However, there are traits that will make you a great virtual mystery shopper:


      Ability to follow instructions: brands aim to analyse very particular parts of the customer experience with thorough mystery shopping, so it’s vital you stick to the scenario they detail

      Reliability: you need to be accurate in your reporting and regularly check emails, just in case we need to clarify any points with you

       Writing skills: brands need to understand how your experience went

      Attention to detail: even seemingly minor details can enhance or ruin the customer experience


What are the benefits of becoming an online mystery shopper?

Now you know how easy it is to start mystery shopping online, let’s find out exactly why you should do it.


Make extra income

Online secret shopper jobs can give you extremely useful extra income. And since you’ll choose when you carry assignments out (within a timeframe), you can fit virtual mystery shopping around your regular job or other responsibilities.


Saving up for a big holiday? Take on a few assignments.


Need some home improvements? Apply for some new tasks.


Want to celebrate a special occasion in style? Log in and earn some money!


Online mystery shopping is a great way to top up your income, and the more assignments you do, the better you’ll get at it.



When you mystery shop online,you can do it when and where you like. As more people tried working from home during pandemic lockdowns, increasing numbers of employees found the arrangement suited them.


Online mystery shopping offers the same convenience. You can earn without commuting to an office and, better yet, you can carry out the tasks any time within a given timeframe. So, if you want to see friends, go to the gym or just catch up on your favourite TV series, mystery shopping or tasks won’t get in your way.


Improve customer experiences

Websites crashing, hard-to-find products, chatbots not understanding a query…there are many ways that online customer service can let people down.


By feeding back on specific parts of the customer experience, you can help to root these issues out – so companies can improve them for everyone.


How to find online mystery shopping jobs

We have new mystery shopping opportunities every day, including many that are entirely online. All you have to do is apply for the task that suits you and then we’ll see if it’s a good match for you. We’re careful to assign tasks to the people best placed to carry them out.


After you’ve applied for and been matched to a task, you’ll receive detailed information on how to carry out the online assignment.


Then, once you’ve completed it, log in and answer a few questions about your experience.


It’s as simple as that. All that’s left to do is wait for your reward. You’ll receive payment 3-4 weeks after completing your task.