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Mystery Shopper Opportunities in the UK

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It’s fun, it’s flexible and it pays – mystery shopping is a great way to earn some extra money. Whether you’re dining out for free, reporting on online experiences or shopping with somebody else’s money, no two days will be the same.


And here’s more good news: starting as a mystery shopper with us couldn’t be easier. In fact, you can register to become a mystery shopper in a matter of minutes.


Plus, almost anybody can do it. The basic requirements are that you’re 18 or over, own a smartphone and have a good command of English.


Apart from that, you just need to pay close attention to detail, meet deadlines with professionalism and provide honest, useful feedback.


How does mystery shopping work?


To ensure high-quality experiences for all customers, brands strive to maintain a consistent standard of service across all branches. One way to make sure of this is mystery shopping.


Mystery shoppers are regular members of the public, who assume the role of customers. They might be making a purchase online, speaking to a customer service agent over the phone or eating a meal in a restaurant. After the interaction, they report back on the particular aspects of their experience the company has asked them to focus on. Their answers will help the company to identify where extra training might be needed – to result in a consistent, optimal customer experience.


If you’re looking for mystery shopper jobs, UK assignments for our clients change every day. Our clients want to get the best-suited people for each task, so we take great care when matching people to jobs. After you’ve applied for a task, we’ll assess whether you meet its criteria and then tell you if the task has been assigned to you.


What sectors can I work as a mystery shopper in?


Restaurants & dining


What could be better than enjoying a free meal and being paid to do it? We have new mouthwatering assignments every day, including elegant restaurants, cosy cafes and tempting takeaways.


By making careful notes on the service you receive and the eateries themselves, you’ll be paving the way for better meals for future customers. Find out what mystery dining opportunities are available to you. 




When people think of mystery shopping, they often think of visiting department stores or big retailers. While that’s part of it, you might also be asked to return items to shops, phone retailers from home or complete tasks on retailers’ websites when doing retail mystery shopping. It all helps to improve the experience for regular consumers.


Travel & tourism


People save for months and months for the holiday of their dreams. When they go on that long-awaited break from work, they want it to be absolutely perfect. And that includes all the interactions they have along the way, whether it’s an initial enquiry, the booking process itself or changing requirements before departure.


Travel and tourism brands know how crucial a high-quality, seamless experience is for their customers: that’s why they’ll pay you to make sure it’s right.




Nobody really enjoys dealing with their bank. You simply have something to do and want to get it done as quickly as possible.


Banks need mystery shoppers to make that the reality, every time someone interacts with them.


Whether you’re conducting a transaction online, using telephone banking or visiting a branch, your report will be crucial in supporting banks’ efforts to improve.


What do I need to become a mystery shopper?


For a mystery shopper, UK jobs are plentiful and you don’t need much to get started. But there are a few personality traits that can help.


First of all, it’s vital that you can pay close attention to detail. Companies often have very precise ways of doing things, which they want all employees to follow. It’s important that you can recall what was said during your interaction and how certain actions were carried out.


You’ll also need to communicate all those details, using strong writing skills. You should be accurate and honest in your reporting, which you’ll be asked to complete within a certain timeframe.


If you think you have what it takes, apply to be a mystery shopper now!


What are the benefits of becoming a mystery shopper?


Extra income on the side


If you want some extra cash to supplement your income, mystery shopping is a hassle-free way to earn it. Many people take on assignments to fit around their careers, using the money to do more of the things they love or saving it up for something special.




It’s precisely because mystery shopping is so flexible that many people make it their side hustle. You can choose the assignments you want to complete, fitting them around your schedule.


For many tasks, you won’t even need to leave home. You can complete them online or over the phone, after you’ve finished work for the day or at weekends.


Help make businesses better


We’re all customers and we all want to know we’re getting the best service possible. Companies put major time and effort into perfecting the customer experience, sometimes training hundreds of employees over days and days.


As a mystery shopper, you’ll lift the lid on the reality of their customer service standards. If those on the front line aren’t consistently following best practice, your reports will give companies the chance to improve.


Try new experiences for free


Mystery shopping isn’t a normal job. It’s much more exciting than that.


Every day can be different, with all kinds of interesting assignments constantly being added to our website. You’ll have the chance to visit places you never would’ve otherwise – and you can apply for the tasks thatsound most enjoyable to you.