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Mystery Diner Opportunities in the UK

Register for mystery diner and mystery guest tasks


Get paid to eat delicious meals – at some of the UK’s most popular restaurants.


As a mystery shopper for restaurants, you’ll visit various eateries, assessing every aspect of the experience. You’ll evaluate the premises and their cleanliness, the quality of service and, of course, the food!


It’s a great – and tasty – way to earn some extra money, with tasks all over the UK. Registration is simple, so sign up today.



How to become a Mystery Diner?

We make the process as straightforward as possible, leaving you to soak up the restaurant experience and let us know what you think. 


Book a visit

Choose a restaurant visit available in the app, and read the brief on what you can expect. Apply for the task and once you're approved, plan your visit!


Eat out

Enjoy your meal while assessing the ambience, cleanliness, and service of the location


Create a report
Log in, leave your responses and share your thoughts. 


Add the details

If we need a little more information, we'll get in touch. 


Receive your money

You'll get your agreed pay and reimbursement at most 3-4 weeks after your meal. 


What are the requirements to become a mystery diner? 

With Ipsos, becoming a mystery shopper for restaurants is easy. We make it simple and open to almost anyone because we need a wide range of viewpoints. That way, our restaurant clients can make sure they appeal to a whole variety of potential customers. 


Here are the few requirements that we do have: 


●    You’re at least 18 years old

●    You need a smartphone with internet access: to choose tasks and submit your surveys

●    You can meet deadlines, so restaurants can quickly act on your feedback

●    You’re honest and detailed in your reviews

●    You have a good level of English and can describe your experience well

●    You act professionally and discreetly when carrying out tasks


If you can tick all those boxes, we’d love to hear from you!


What are the benefits of becoming  a restaurant mystery shopper?

Restaurant mystery shopper jobs can be a mouthwatering prospect. So what are the benefits?

It’s free  - You’ll sample some truly amazing food, at some incredible restaurants, without paying a thing. What’s more, you’ll experience a huge variety of cuisines, trying all kinds of new food and drink.

It’s fun
  - Who doesn’t like going out for a meal and trying new places? Plus, keeping your little secret from the restaurant only adds to the fun

It improves restaurants  - Your opinion matters, with restaurants placing great importance on mystery guest feedback. You’ll help restaurants to improve everything from the quality of food to the level of service they provide.

It pays  - For every task, you’ll receive a fee and/or reimbursement – just for telling us what you think.


Being a restaurant mystery shopper in the UK certainly comes with some perks. So register now to get started and find out what mystery shopping opportunities are available today.