What Skills & Qualities Do You Need to be a Good Mystery Shopper?

What Skills & Qualities Do You Need to be a Good Mystery Shopper?

Getting paid to help brands improve the customer experience – it’s just as easy (and fun) as it sounds. You can even get paid to shop or enjoy a meal out. Or you can be a mystery shopper from the comfort of your own home, over the phone or using the internet.


But what qualifications do you need to be a mystery shopper?

Absolutely none. Yet, some people are better at it than others.

Why? Let’s find out…


Skills and Qualities of a Good Mystery Shopper

Can anyone be a mystery shopper?

Yes. But it does help if you have the right mix of skills and personal traits.

Here we run through the qualities that can make you a great, in-demand mystery shopper.


Eye For Detail

If you’re wondering how to become a mystery shopper, one of the main skills you should have is a keen eye for detail. Naturally, brands want plenty of details on their products, services, or processes.


So, what do mystery shoppers look out for?

Take the example of mystery shopping in a restaurant. You’ll need to take note of things like this:

·       Were you welcomed to the restaurant?

·       Was your table clean?

·       How quick/slow was the service?

·       How was the atmosphere?

·       Were the menus in good condition?

·       Did the food look appealing?

·       What did the food taste like?

·       Were the restrooms clean?


Communication Skills

Now that you’ve remembered all those details, you need to communicate them clearly.

Sometimes, we’ll have questions after you submit your report, which can be helpful for the brands we work with. The better you can say what you mean about your experience, the more value your review will have. If you can answer questions about your experience clearly and directly, it’ll be much easier for the brand to act on your information – and improve the customer experience.


Good Writing Skills

We collect mystery shopper feedback using an app or desktop portal, not verbally. So good writing skills are important.

You must be able to describe your experience so that somebody reading your review gets a full picture of it – whether you’ve written about a restaurant, a store or an online interaction.



It’s important that the brands you are mystery shopping for can count on you. Your opinions and reviews shape the way they work.

Because of that, you’ll need to carry out your task at the assigned time and date and answer the questions about your experience by the end of the day – double check those guidelines. That way, all the details will be fresh in your mind, and you’ll be more accurate with your feedback. The sooner you can provide your feedback, the more it can help the brand.

Also, it’s vital that you check your emails and your shopper account within the five working days after you’ve submitted your review. That’s when we send questions to clarify your responses (if we need to).


Good Memory

Among mystery shopper skills, a good memory is one of the most crucial. It’s impossible to remember everything about a mystery shopping experience, but the more you can remember, the better. Brands want as much customer insight into what’s happening on the front line as they can get. Remembering what was said and what happened during your experience – as well as the questions you were asked – provides important detail to brands.


Ability to Follow Instructions

Working with Ipsos for mystery shopping, brands specifically target certain parts of the customer experience. You’ll be the eyes and ears of the company, making sure these specific elements of the customer experience are carried out properly.

To give them maximum insight into how their businesses are performing, you must follow instructions carefully. Only when instructions are followed can each location/customer interaction be measured fairly against another.

For example, you should pay special attention to things you’re asked to say or do during your task. There’s always a deliberate reason why the brand wants the task done a certain way.

We’ll outline specific steps involved in the task, so you know exactly how to carry it out. Sometimes, there’s a quiz to make sure you’ve read the instructions properly. Then you can get on with your shopping!


Accuracy and Honesty

Being open about your experience is one of the most important qualities of a mystery shopper. After all, businesses need your insight into everyday practices to improve their services and operations.

It’s vital to follow instructions for a particular scenario and then honestly report what happened and what employees said or did. Brands rely upon you to recount your shopping experience accurately because they’ll act on your feedback.



Brands need objective feedback to improve customer experiences. As a mystery shopper, you’ll be providing a valuable service to them.

While you need a few common qualities to review your shopping experience effectively, you won’t need a specific background or any experience. So, if you think mystery shopping sounds like an enjoyable way to earn some money, register to become a mystery shopper today.