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Delivery Mystery Shopping Opportunities

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Looking for an easy way to make money, from the comfort of your own home? Well, as a doorstep delivery mystery shopper, all you need to do is take deliveries and answer a few questions on the service.

Top brands of every kind need to make sure deliveries of their goods go smoothly. So you could be taking delivery of groceries, age-restricted products, parcels or some other item. Then, after you’ve closed the door, simply provide a report on the service. It couldn’t be easier.

If this sounds like the role for you, register to become a mystery shopper today or find out more about the mystery shopping opportunities available to you. 


How does delivery mystery shopping work?

This is mystery shopping work made easy.


The first step is registering, which takes barely any time at all.


Then, once you’re set up as a mystery shopper on our system, just browse our current assignments. They change every day, so there are always plenty of options.


Next, apply for the assignment that takes your fancy. Our clients need the best-suited people for their mystery shopping assignments, so we match people carefully. But we’ll soon get in touch, giving you all the info you need if you’re selected for the task.


On the day of the delivery, just make sure you’re at home, put your feet up and wait for the doorbell.


After that, log in to your Ipsos account and answer a few questions about the delivery experience.


What do I need to become a mystery shopper?

There isn’t too much you need to become a doorstep delivery secret shopper, other than a smartphone and a good understanding of English.


But there are a few qualities that make great mystery shoppers:


      An eye for detail – the more you notice, the more value brands can get from your report

      Writing skills – you must be able to describe your experience well

      Accuracy – it’s vital that you can provide accurate details on your customer experience, because brands will act on your feedback

      Reliability – it’s best if you can answer questions as soon as you’ve completed your task, when it’s still fresh in your mind

      Ability to follow instructions – brands have specific parts of the customer experience they need feedback on, so it’s important to closely follow instructions


What are the benefits of becoming a food delivery mystery shopper?



One of the best things about mystery shopping delivery tasks is that you can choose when to do them. This isn’t a 9-to-5 job, so you can fit tasks around your plans, leaving you more free time to do what you love.


Checking how easy it is to reschedule and track deliveries is sometimes part of the task, so making the task work around you is actually useful for the brand. It gives them a better idea of how their deliveries work in the real world, where nobody is at home all the time.


Extra income

A little extra money now and then is always welcome. And what easier way to earn it than by simply taking a delivery and then sharing your experience?


Plus, because mystery shopping is so flexible, you can easily fit assignments around a regular job and supplement your main income.


Improve customer service

Nobody wants to wait with anticipation for their parcel or delivery – only to be let down by some part of the process. Whether it’s an awkward delivery slot, missing or damaged items or confusing delivery notifications, something going wrong with a delivery is always a headache.


But you can help people avoid all that. By answering just a few questions about your doorstep delivery experience, you can improve customer service for everyone.


Companies of every kind want to perfect their service and make it consistent. That’s why mystery shoppers like you are always in demand, giving them the customer insight needed to improve.


Help keep people safe

When brands are delivering age-restricted products, they need to be certain the person taking the delivery is old enough to use the product. Mystery shoppers like you help brands check that delivery personnel are verifying the age of delivery recipients.


When more and more people are using online shopping to have groceries delivered, it’s vitally important that underage people aren’t given items like alcohol, cigarettes and knives. By reporting on age verification processes, you can contribute to the safety of young people.


How to find delivery mystery shopping tasks

Have a look through our selection of available tasks and find one that suits you – and your schedule. We have new mystery shopping jobs every day, including ultra-convenient doorstep delivery assignments. So you won’t have to wait long for one that’s just right for you.


After you’ve applied for a task, we’ll see if you meet the brand’s requirements for a mystery shopper. If you do, we’ll send you the details you need and a timeframe for completing the task. Find out more in our .


Register now and take the first step to a fun and incredibly convenient role.