#whatSUP! Help us eliminate single-use plastics for good! iShopFor Ipsos


#whatSUP! Help us eliminate single-use plastics for good!

Ipsos is delighted to announce our partnership with Plastic Free Foundation (PFF) to help educate and eliminate single-use plastics (SUP) amongst Ipsos team members and our mystery shoppers. We have chosen to partner with PFF as Ipsos shares their vision of seeing a world free of plastic waste. Set up in 2011, their Plastic Free July initiative has grown to become the most influential environmental campaign in the world encouraging people in every geography to choose to refuse single-use plastics from their lives and together make a difference.

Have you ever thought about your own SUP consumption? Take the Pesky Plastics Quiz to discover the amount of SUP that sneaks into your shopping!

To date, PFF have inspired over 140 million participants in 190 countries to get involved and Ipsos invites you to be part of this global movement too. Click here to choose to refuse single-use plastics.

How can you get involved?

Over 100,000 mystery shopping tasks are completed per month in the UK and US. From April to June 2023, you can be part of this global movement to help end plastic waste by simply choosing your mystery shopping task as normal. Every task you complete will help us reach our donation goal of €5,000. The more tasks completed, the quicker we can reach our goal and contribute towards a plastic-free future. But remember, where your visit may involve a purchase, simple steps like taking your own reusable shopping bag can help reduce plastic waste whilst completing your task.

Where does the donation go?

PFF will give us a breakdown of how many kgs of plastic waste participants have avoided, so stay tuned to learn how your mystery shopping tasks have contributed to a world without plastic waste.