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Shoppers Giving Back through our Winter Payment Testing Programme

The UK Ipsos Channel Performance team are delighted to share our ESG (#environmental, #social, #governance) efforts with LINK,the UK’s largest cash machine network, to seek an opportunity to give back to the local community as part of their mystery shopping programme in Winter 2022.

The aim of the programme was to test how transactions were processed, so we encouraged our Mystery Shoppers to purchase a small item that could be donated to a local foodbank or similar charity. Items recommended were cereals, dry pasta or rice, soups or tinned items, UHT milk or long-life fruit juice, tea and coffee. Many foodbanks and charities were also looking for donations of personal products including deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, personal hygiene products and baby supplies.


Over 265 visits were conducted, and 81% of shoppers reported making a donation, with items totalling £695.27. These items were sent to:


·       Supermarket collections at all major supermarkets.

·       11 Charities including AberNecessities, Affordable Food Stoke, Devon and Cornwall Food Action, FareShare, Kindness to the Homeless, The Salvation Army and The Trussell Trust.

·       19 Foodbanks including B30 Foodbank, Ebeneezer Foodbank, Filwood Community Centre, Kerrith Centre Foodbank, Letchworth Foodbank, Maidenhead Foodbank, Southport Soup Kitchen, Tickton Foodbank and Wells Store Hour Foodbank.

·       Local churches and temples

·       Directly to local families in need


After donating, shoppers expressed an appreciation for taking part in the programme, making specific reference to the real impact it had on local families with children who regularly rely on food banks, those struggling in society and local temples which feed thousands of people every day.

On behalf of Ipsos and LINK, we’d like to thank all shoppers involved for making donations, giving back to their local communities, and having a positive impact on society.

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