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Our expertise

Ipsos is one of the largest mystery shopping agencies in the world. We complete over a million assignments every year across all industry segments and organization sizes. Our clients benefit from our experienced teams, global reach, local presence, research expertise and innovative approach. Ipsos belongs to ESOMAR and MSPA and adheres to their requirements when conducting mystery shopping. With over 150 Mystery Shop professionals in over 40 countries, we are the experts!

Mystery Shopping with Ipsos

Always aiming to improve possible customer service, many of the world’s most well-known brands are partnering with Ipsos, the leading global provider of mystery shopping services, to evaluate compliance to the promises they make to their customers, and develop effective programs to improve brand experience.

In demand

Ipsos is one of the largest global market research companies and is in high demand for Mystery Shopping services. We provide our clients with substance, speed, security and simplicity, plus global and local knowledge and experience.

The magic million

Ipsos Mystery Shoppers complete 1 million evaluations per year helping our clients deliver the promises they make to their customers. This makes Ipsos one of the leading global providers of Mystery Shopping services and we are growing rapidly!

Ipsos local mystery shopper networks

We are expanding our Mystery Shopper networks globally and over time, more countries will be added to this website. Currently, we are looking for shoppers to join our local networks in the countries that are listed on the application part of this website.

Evaluating the brand experience

To evaluate a brand experience, our Mystery Shoppers act like a regular customer when they visit or call a branch or click on a website with pre-defined project guidelines. Often the location is near the Mystery Shopper’s residence or in an area they regularly visit. During the assignment, the Mystery Shopper observes whatever is required which varies based on what the client is evaluating. Shortly after the visit, the Mystery Shopper completes a survey and submits the results via the Ipsos smartphone app or website. For some evaluations our shoppers don’t even need to leave their home. Depending on the type of evaluation, they may just simply send an email, make a phone call, use an online chat or similar.

People from all walks of life

Our Mystery Shoppers come from all walks of life, just like the regular customers of our clients. All shoppers have a smartphone and/or access to the internet to complete evaluations. A shopper’s education, income and other factors, such as car or home ownership, vary as much as it does in the general population. Our shoppers enter many of those details on their shopper profile page in our shopper portal. Ipsos will not share this information; it’s only used so we can offer assignments to shoppers who are within the demographic our clients need to complete a specific evaluation.

Earn extra money

If you want to earn some extra money you can apply right now to become an Ipsos Mystery Shopper. No formal qualifications are required but you need to have a good understanding of written and spoken English, be reliable and able to meet deadlines.

Choose how much you shop

Our Mystery Shoppers choose how many evaluations they complete although in some cases there may be client restrictions on the number of evaluations a shopper can do during a month. The amount of money paid per evaluation depends on the type of the evaluation and is agreed upon when the shopper accepts the assignment. Details about payment vary from country to country and they can be found in the Terms & Conditions.

Be independent

Ipsos Mystery Shoppers are Independent Contractors and not employees of Ipsos. They are responsible for complying with all applicable tax laws and regulations related to the performance of their services, including the remittance of any tax payments that may be applicable. Details are included in our Terms and Conditions which are completed during the application process.

Get started today

When you decide to join the Ipsos Mystery Shopping network and submit your application, we will send you an instant email confirmation outlining the next steps. Please check your email inbox right after you have applied and if you have not received the confirmation, please check your spam folder before contacting us via the contact details on the webpage. Our confirmation email will outline the easy steps required to get started.

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